Where Do Muscle Knots Come From?

back muscles

One of the questions clients ask most is “Where do knots come from anyway?” Most people have experienced feeling tight or all “knotted up” in their neck and shoulders. And this feeling brings many who am seeking relief to my table. But what are knots and why do we get them?

A muscle contains thousands of muscle fibers, which are elastic in nature. Or they should be. When muscles get injured, over-worked or dehydrated they lose their elasticity. And when muscle fibers get “sticky”, they start to adhere together and form adhesions, the fancy word for “knots.”

Our muscles can get over-worked in many ways… by working out, particularly when using weights or when doing something repetitive like painting or pulling weeds. But our muscles also get over-worked when we sit at a computer day after day. Our muscles are designed to move, so when we sit in the same position all day long its really not surprising that our muscles get tight.

What can you do about knots?

Well, you can come see me! Massage is great for breaking up adhesions, bringing blood flow to the muscles to promote healing and really just a good reminder for muscles what their relaxed state is.

If you can’t get in fora massage or just need immediate relief from a particularly pesky knot, use a tennis ball and put it between you and the wall… roll around and squish that knot!
Drink more water! Hydration is really important and chances are you should be drinking more water. I find that I drink more water when my water bottle has a lid with a straw. Keep it nearby and sip it throughout the day.

Move! Its important to move those muscles. Take a break every so often from that computer screen and walk around. Roll your shoulders. Move your neck from side to side. Regular exercise is important too. But you know that!